Who we are

The sanaGroup is a family-owned biotech & pharma group with more than 44 years of experience in mainly immunobiological and diagnostic products.
With more than 260 colleagues in all scientific fields we have in particular monocular biologists, immunologists, toxicologists, biochemists and pharmacologists. Together with our partners and customers we develop new innovative products of highest quality and effectiveness.
Wir verfügen über jahrzehntelange immunbiologische Erfahrung unter cGMP-Bedingungen, in Verbindung mit Phytopharmaka, Keimen, Viren, Enzymen, Oligonukleotiden, Bakterien und Hitzeschockproteinen. Wir führen in unseren Laboren eigene Anpflanzungen, Kultivierung von eigenen Zelllinien und Synthesen durch.
Due to our long experience in connection with monocular micro- and macrobiology, we have a lot of expertise in production, analysis and monitoring as well as in elimination of the respective biologic.
As a manufacturer of drugs, vaccines and medical devices, we comply with all regulatory requirements of ISO, EMA and US-FDA based on cGMP
As a human diagnostic laboratory, we work with the latest partner and proprietary technologies.


We believe in improving people's quality of life through our innovative biotechnology products and helping them lead healthier and happier lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote people's well-being and protect the environment.
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